When The Drains In Your House Are Partially Blocked

Is the drain in your house currently blocked? Of course, you feel embarrassed not to see a situation like this. Take it easy, this time we will share ways to overcome it! The occurrence of “clogged or clogged drains” has almost been felt by everyone. The causes also vary. From the amount of hair covering the PVC pipeline, kitchen waste, and food, to the tissues and sanitary napkins that were thrown there. On the other hand, you may need to check out the recommended cheap plumber in singapore near your area.

Clogging the drains at home often irritates the owner. The reason is, besides going to make the house look unhealthy, activities in the restroom are disturbed. Not only that, but puddles can also be a nest of harmful insects and bacteria. Insects like mosquitoes will love to live there.

There are two kinds of cases of blocked waterways, namely:

Water is pooled and can flow slowly

Water is pooled and cannot flow at all

How to overcome :

To re-launch the bathroom drainage partially clogged, you can use Fire soda. It is used because it is alkaline and is capable of destroying rubbish in a gutter. Don’t forget to choose soda soda specifically for cleaning waterways, not for cleaning paint (can be seen on the packaging / ask the seller). the same is true for handling clogged WC problems

the steps to use are as follows:

Prepare enough fire soda. You can buy this fire soda in a building shop, in the form of liquid or powder with different prices according to the packaging.

Use a mask and plastic gloves (can use crackle) to avoid unwanted effects when the skin is exposed to soda soda

Add the soda to a dry bucket

Add enough hot water. This is useful to speed up the process of dissolving powdered soda.

Then stir so that the soda powder is mixed with hot water

Pour this liquid into the hole in the water pipe

Usually, there will be a roar

Do not use the first drain so that soda fire can work more optimally.

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