Ways Of Marketing Strategies That You Should Try

The existence of marketing will indeed help you in introducing the products you have to the wider community. It will also have an impact on your product in the future. In fact, if you use geo fencing then you can market your product very well. The strategy they run will make you feel that marketing will be very easy to do.

Using geo fencing means you have a step ahead in developing your promotions and marketing. It also means that your product can be known by many people has one step ahead of the others. The presence of geofence will greatly assist you in everything in the field of marketing strategy.

1. Viral Marketing and Growth Hacking
Many of us believe that marketing is only for bad products. The argument, great products like Dropbox, Hotmail, Eventbrite, Mailbox, and Snapchat are able to reach millions of users with almost no money for marketing. But that’s not entirely true, because they have their own marketing strategy. Their secret? Building virality into their products relies on two important variables of timeliness and “Viral Coefficients” (each user generates one new user).

2. Conversion optimization
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an important science to understand why your visitors are not becoming customers. The fastest way to understand potential customers is to ask them directly.
Install chat tools into your site, allowing you to talk in real time with site visitors. Another way is to ask visitors to fill out surveys using Survey Monkey. Usually, you need an incentive. This should be done on a continuous basis, you should strive to keep on changing and improving your site. At the same time, you also have to be bold and test something very different.

3. Facebook Advertising: Finding audiences by using segmentation
Most people think Facebook advertising is an acquisition channel so customers can register. The truth is, that Facebook is one of the best tools to do research on potential customers. You can see the demographics and psychographics that have the highest conversion rates on your service.

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