This is What Will Happen When You Don’t Handle Trash Well

At present, there is a lot of waste produced by each house. Household waste is indeed a very large number of categories. Not surprisingly, many people are now looking for services to deal with garbage in their homes. One of the services that can be used is dumpster rental Evansville IN. They provide a dumpster for those of you who need it and can handle various kinds of garbage so it doesn’t become a big problem.

As time went on, even more, people threw their trash into the sea. Various seas in the world are even now filled with the amount of garbage that pollutes the environment. There is some evidence that the sea in the world is already in an emergency rubbish.

1. The Pacific Ocean is filled with a lot of garbage
The collection of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean is known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. That is a collection of plastic debris floating in the ocean between Hawaii and California and is now expanding to the size of 1.6 million km2, or almost as large as Indonesia’s land (1.9 million km2). This was reported in the journal Scientific Reports published by Nature magazine.

2. You who like to consume seafood means swallowing some microplastic
Research conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Ghent in Belgium shows that people who consume seafood regularly can swallow up to 11,000 small pieces of plastic each year. More than 99 percent of ingested microplastics are excreted, but the rest are trapped in body tissues. Plastics in the ocean take hundreds of years to decompose into small particles, and many scientists believe that particles will never completely disappear. These particles are accidentally swallowed by marine animals and eventually become material for consumption by humans.

3. Many animals are killed because of plastic waste
The most severe is that plastic waste is often found in dead bodies of whales, dolphins, and seabirds. The animals eat it because they think it’s food. Non-biodegradable plastics clog the mouth and digestion and make the animals unable to eat for some time until finally, they die of starvation.

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