These Are Some Types Of Music You Should Listen When Exercising

Many people always listen to music while exercising, this is because they consider music to be an encouragement and can make them increasingly want to exercise every time. In this way, the results of the sport will be maximized. You also need to use the good portable cd player so you can get a clean and clear, high-quality sound when listening to the song.

Actually, there are several types of music that are suitable if you listen to it while exercising. Some types of music that can be an option when exercising are

1. Powerful lyrics
For the warm-up session, select songs with lyrics that are fun and make you excited like the song Budi Doremi or RAN. Choose songs that are not too fast like EDM, but also not too slow like soul or jazz, for example, Katty Perry’s song Roar.

2. Beat music
After the warm-up session, you need to increase the intensity of the movement so that the body burns more calories. You can choose EDM songs that are faster and more passionate like Calvin Harris, David Guetta and so on.

3. Hip hop
Hip hip songs are very good at lowering the rhythm of exercise after you do intense physical core training. This stage makes you calmer after making fast movements but has not really stopped moving. Choose hip hip songs under BPM 100.

4. Cool-Down
In the last session, cooling down, you can choose more songs that are more mellow or slow in rhythm, like Adele’s songs, you can also listen to them. While breathing and relaxing muscles, you can also focus more on releasing stress.

Make sure you listen to the right music so that your sports activities can run smoothly and you can be excited until the end. The presence of music when you exercise will indeed increase enthusiasm and can make your exercise more leverage.

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