How Can Nutrition Therapy Help Overcome Alcohol Addiction?

Did you know that alcohol is opium? This drink can make someone become dependent. In fact, too often or too much drinking alcohol will have a bad influence on health. To overcome alcoholism is not easy. One safe way to overcome this is nutritional therapy. Another way you can do is to follow the alcoholism treatment program.

What is nutrition therapy and how does it work? To be clearer, consider the following review.

People who have alcohol addiction often have a history of other diseases such as depression, anxiety disorders, and others. This condition causes patients to be more difficult to take drugs to suppress alcohol dependence. Nutritional therapy is one way that is considered safe for patients with this condition.

Nutritional therapy is a treatment that prevents alcohol addiction to the body by providing nutrients to the body and also the brain. Patients can get these various nutrients easily, whether from food or supplements. Nutritional therapy to treat alcoholism is usually available at rehabilitation centers, nutrition clinics, or hospitals. You will be handled by a registered nutritionist, nutrition specialist, or nutrition practitioner to undergo this treatment.

– Zinc

Alcoholism can cause the body to lack zinc. Substances in alcohol interfere with the process of absorption of zinc from meat, nuts, and dairy products in the intestine so that it is wasted through urine. If it is left there will be a leak in the intestine and liver disease. Patients must get this important mineral from food and also zinc sulfate supplements.

– Vitamin B6 and Amino Acids

Alcohol in large quantities can reduce vitamin B6 levels in the body. As a result, the body will slow down the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain. In addition, levels of amino acids such as tyrosine and phenylalanine in the body also decrease. Both of these substances play an important role in suppressing cravings or addiction to sweets, including alcohol. By meeting the needs of vitamin B6 and amino acids, the body will be able to reduce addiction to alcohol. Some foods that contain amino acids and vitamin B6 are red meat, turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, beans, and peas.

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