Dealing With Inflamed Pimples

When acne is inflamed don’t panic or stress first. Instead, use special acne products such as BHA, benzoyl peroxide, or azelaic acid. These various ingredients help relieve inflammation and treat acne. However, don’t try to easily switch products every day. It’s because the skin can be even more inflamed and acne gets worse. If after using various acne medications you will not improve, consult the trusted skin and genital experts so that it can be handled appropriately and not get worse. On the other hand, you should also try the service from the most recommended คลินิกรักษาสิว near your area.

Be careful when choosing products for your face

If you have easy facial acne, you should avoid ingredients that easily irritate the skin. Not only that, but you are also not recommended to use makeup products that are comedogenic or trigger blackheads.

You also need to avoid sunscreen products that contain avobenzone, PABA, dioxybenzone, or homosalate. If you find that the sunscreen that you have contains various ingredients, avoid using it for more than 3 hours. Because the various ingredients are very easy to clog the pores and trigger acne.

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