Content Marketing Strategy that needs to be considered

Entering a new year, of course, you need to prepare a new strategy in marketing. Not to be confused with content marketing. Because if you only stick to old strategies and are reluctant to try new strategies, then your brand can easily be abandoned. Because your brand cannot keep up with the trends. Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, have reported a benchmark for the success of content marketing strategies 60% greater than the previous year for B2B business models. This percentage is greater than 2016 which only increased 30% compared to 2015. There are many things that affect the effectiveness of the success of content marketing strategies. Among them is the quality of Melbourne Live streaming content, the development of the Melbourne Livestreaming strategy, better targeting in content distribution and marketing.

Maybe in 2017 you are still procrastinating or limiting content marketing by relying on video content. But in 2018 you don’t delay if you don’t want to be left behind. Because this trend will continue to increase into 2018. If you think you need a big capital to make interesting video content, that is not entirely true. Because now you can use a smartphone, tripod, and a worker who is an expert on video editing. The rest, creativity plays. So, do not delay marketing the video content for now. Competition between social media platforms sometimes affects users. Including you in determining the content distribution channel. At present, it can only be seen if in Indonesia social media that still dominates is just that. So to say, the more marketers rely on the same social media channels, the more ineffective the channel is. This is the content marketing dilemma that uses third parties.

In this case, developing an email list on a database has become the main key. Find out who your potential customers are, which channels target potential customers right and make them act. If the number of your customers is starting to decline, it’s probably time for you to assess and re-target your campaign.

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